We have been saddened to hear of the passing of revolutionary Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake.

Issey Miyake: 1938 – 2022

Issey Miyake

Miyake was a master of sharp pleating and technological designs. He shook up traditional Parisian style with his daring silhouettes that remained comfortable and practical, believing that garments should be beautifully made for everyday use.

Founding Miyake Design Studio in 1970, he was experimental in his approach, combining traditional couture and modern techniques that had their roots in Japanese design. Among his many inventions, Miyake pioneered a style of pleating, inspired by the Fortuny gowns of 19th century Venice but recreated for everyday life, resulting in garments which did not crease or wrinkle. Using polyester instead of silk, and rather than hand-folding and seaming, he created clothing that exuded fluidity and wearability, leading to the development of his enormously successful line, Pleats Please, and his celebration as a designer who created styles that were high-tech, yet eminently practical and comfortable.

He dressed numerous celebrities in his innovative designs, including Beyoncé, Grace Jones, Kim Kardashian, and most famously Steve Jobs, who wore the signature black polo neck created by Miyake that would eventually become synonymous with Jobs and the Apple brand.

You can read more about Issey Miyake in the links below, which we have opened to celebrate his life and work:

“I realised that the future was in making clothing for the many, not the few. I wanted to make clothing that was as universal as jeans and T-shirts.”
– Issey Miyake, 2012